Here's What They're Saying . . .

In Paul Heimel's book, we explore the flesh and blood man behind the famous name. Because Ness has been practically "sainted" by The Untouchables phenomenon, it's fascinating to explore Ness's history in reality. Heimel does an admirable job of comparing the actual events to the rampant hearsay that still adds to Ness's myth."
--Heather Clisby, Movie Magazine International

"A fascinating read . . . very insightful and full of hidden gems about a man most people have always misunderstood."
--Tony Trupiano, TalkAmerica Radio Network

"Paul W. Heimel is the dean of Eliot Ness researchers."
--Vanity Fair

"Somewhere along the way, the public lost the man and embellished the myth. This book sets the record straight . . . It's packed with exclusive material and was obviously seen as a mission by its author."
--Associated Press

"Heimel has cracked into Ness's enigmatic past with a great deal of research and scores of interviews. The result is the only accurate historical account of the man who bashed the breweries of Al Capone and fearlessly battled organized crime and official corruption in Cleveland . . . Heimel's mission took on a focus: to tell the truth. His motivation was to do it right. Like Eliot Ness, Paul Heimel held true to his principles."
--New Castle (Pa.) News

"Although the Hollywood versions are obviously overblown and fanciful, the idea of Ness toppling Public Enemy No. 1 Al Capone is generally accepted. And that's precisely where journalist Paul Heimel comes in . . . He's engaged in an uphill battle trying to put the truth in front of the public when the legend seems to have so much more appeal."
--NewCity Magazine, Chicago 

"Paul Heimel has written a book that overcomes 50 years of fiction. The results of his exhaustive research, writing and rewriting are found in a story of good against evil that is complex and uniquely American. With dozens of rare photographs and revealing anecdotes, the book depicts the man behind the legend."
--Punxsutawney Spirit

"Heimel's passion for nonfiction motivated him to continue. Ness was nothing like the blood-and-guts dramatic American hero as portrayed on television and in the movies. Actually, the real story of Eliot Ness is a sad one. But as many bad breaks as he endured, Ness salvaged his integrity. If Eliot Ness were alive today, he would like the book."
--American Weekend Magazine

"To fill in gaps and straighten out the record, Paul Heimel interviewed dozens of people who knew Ness, searched through countless old newspapers and read every book he could find in which the G-man was mentioned. He did such a good job that the A&E television network used him as a consultant."
--Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"This book is a biography of a man who not only bashed the breweries of Al Capone in Chicago, but battled organized crime and police corruption in Cleveland. Particularly notable is Ness's refusal to compromise his principles amid an environment overrun by violence and corruption. Hollywood may have been intrigued by the legend, but Heimel was interested only in the facts. The book has helped to preserve a part of history."
--Williamsport (Pa.) Sun-Gazette

"Eliot Ness is a splendid biography and will be of intense interest to anyone interested in the life and times of a remarkable federal law enforcement officer during one of the country's most turbulent and lawless times."
--Midwest Book Review

"Paul Heimel, with his exhaustive research, has lifted away the legend and revealed a man who is even more heroic for his reality. Much of this book contains exclusive information that includes photographs and interviews with the man's former colleagues, as well as his detractors. Fascinating read."
--Buzz Review News

"A really great book! You have captured the essence of the man, Eliot Ness, who died all too young and probably without a trace of larceny in his soul. The book stands by itself as an accurate description of the legend and truth of Eliot Ness."
--Ross A. Green, Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago

"This carefully crafted biography tells the story of a man who was truly incorruptible. It is a well-written book."
--Chief of Police Magazine

"Mr. Heimel very effectively tells the story of a man who deserves to be remembered, not as an impossible ideal, but as a person who stood up for what he believed in."
--Toronto Revue